Untamed Crowned Eagle

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Untamed Crowned Eagle

Nothing is more exciting than soaring through the thin atmosphere of success, and this brand new slots extravaganza dubbed ‘Untamed Crowned Eagle’ is sure to push you off the highest online casino cliff into a spinning vortex of fun. The classic 5 x 3 reel slot features none other than the King of the Birds of Prey – the Crowned Eagle. With loads of free fun, bonuses and mind-bending features that are actually patent protected, players are sure to have the time of their life with this realistic slot game.

First things first: the cool symbols – scatter, wild and free spin trigger. These will lead you through the high winds of chance safely into the stratosphere of free spindom. Get 10 free spins per try and a multiplier to make it that much juicier. But the best is still to come…

Now it’s time to reveal the highlights of Untamed Crowned Eagle – the features that make this game one of the most awaited slots in history. Here they are:

Your Gamble ™ is a tested feature that has made a world of difference in other games. With this feature you basically use a leveraging system to adjust your bets so you can gamble up to 20x your actual bet.

Lucky Nudge ™ lets you gain an edge with the free spins trigger, so you’re more likely to get them with every spin.

Soaring Wild ™ is activated during the free spins bonus, turning random symbols into Wild symbols and rewarding the player with up to a 10x multiplier.

Collect-a-Wild ™ is a unique feature where the player is rewarded with a Wild token every time a Wild symbol appears during a spin; collect 4 of them and you will see one reel go completely Wild for the next four consecutive spins.

With all these great features you won’t see anywhere else in the world of slots, Untamed Crowned Eagle promises to swoop down and grab your attention when the Eagle lands on March 5.

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