Girls with Guns 2 – Wintery Wins and the Spoils of War

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Girls with Guns 2 – Wintery Wins and the Spoils of War

An online action adventure game that offers 243 ways to win might be unheard of, but is now indeed a reality. The highly awaited video game Girls with Guns: Frozen Dawn, which is a sequel of Girls with Guns: Jungle Heat, has the video game enthusiasts joining the six lethal femme fatales on an adrenaline-high action adventure based in the frozen depths of the Arctic.

Showering an avalanche of rewards on the players, the frosty sequel features 2 unique features of Magnetic Wilds and Frozen Wilds, which the player is automatically awarded any time during game play. In the Magnetic Wild feature, when the player plays a free spin, magnetic wilds appear on the 5th reel. Gradually as the game progresses and all the payouts are rewarded, the feature is pulled to the leftmost available position on the reels, where it continues to stay for as long as the free spins feature is on. However, players need to be careful as the stack is rigged to detonate when the full reel is stacked with magnetic wilds. In the latter feature of Frozen Wilds, whenever a player lands on a wild, he is eligible for 3 extra spins before the feature itself melts away. This feature works the opposite of the earlier one; that is if a frozen reel of frozen wilds form then they stick to the reels until the end of the feature, offering the players a chance to obtain wintery win after wintery win. Awarded at random, these features keep players hooked to their screens till the very last minute.

What’s more, with a minimum bet of only 0.30, the players stand to potentially win amounts up to 2,185,000 coins. With the spoils of war making it worth the risk of jumping headlong into combat and battle, strap on those guns and join the girls in a fight to the finish.

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