Money Saving Slot Machine Strategies

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Money Saving Slot Machine Strategies

It is a common misconception that it is not possible to use strategies for winning at slot machines. There are many different ways that you can plan and win at slot machines using strategy. One of the best things you can do is save your money and attain incremental wins over time, but that is only one of many Slot Machine Strategies you can use!

The first money saving tip is to play low denomination machines. These have a higher lose rate, but you will lose less money than if you play the larger denomination machines overall. A nickel machine loses about 19 dollars per hour, whereas a two dollar machine loses 30 dollars per hour. Even though the wins are larger at the two dollar machine, the lose rate is much higher than the lower denomination machines.

The second tip is to play at lower jackpot machines. These machines are going to pay out more often than the larger jackpot machines. This means you are more likely to win and win more often.

Third, avoid progressive machines with large jackpot payouts. These machines take a piece of every bet and increase the jackpot. These machines do not payout often, so if you are going to play these machines, keep it to low denominations.

A fourth way to save money is to avoid the video reel machines. These machines often pay one to two percent less or less often than physical reel machines. Take advantage of this payout increase by choosing only physical reel machines.

Fifth, use your slot card. This card is going to provide the casino with your betting and winning information that can translate into comps for you. This can be free meals, hotel rooms, and other benefits that can help to provide you with more money in your pocket over time. While the slot card does not help you win at the machine, it can get you lots of casino perks.

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